William GOW (1820-1842)

John WENBAN (1842-1859)

Edward HINDER (1860-1870)

Edward Robert Hinder was born in India. He was educated in Ireland and came to Adelaide in the Hughli in 1846. By 1849 he was living at Ebenezer, New South Wales. He began his teaching career in 1852 at St James’s Church of England School at Pitt Town, subsequently teaching at Anglican schools in Kelso (from 1857), Wilberforce (1860) and Smithfield (1871). Appointed principal of the Protestant Orphan School at Parramatta in 1873, he remained there until he retired in 1885. – Biography taken from http://peopleaustralia.anu.edu.au

Joseph NASH (1871-1874)

Samuel RUSSELL (1874-1877)

Samuel Russell was born in Kent, England in 1838. He came to Australia in the late 1850’s. He met and married Ellen Newton in 1859 in the gold mining town of Tambaroora. They had 9 children as they travelled around New South Wales for his teaching appointments. He taught at Wilberforce for only 3 years before moving on to Windsor. He lived out his days in Bowral and upon his death in 1907, his obituary espoused him as a beloved educator with high moral character.

John BANFIELD (1877-1880)

John Banfield was born in 1842 in Morpeth, New South Wales. His parents, Thomas and Margaret, were assisted immigrants who came from Ireland to Australia in 1832. John married Sarah in Morpeth in 1865 and they had 4 children before taking up his post of schoolmaster at the Macquarie Schoolhouse. During his time in Wilberforce, they had another 2 children, before moving on. They ended up back in the Maitland district with their family. John Banfield passed away in 1927, at the age of 85.

James BEACROFT (1880)

James Beacroft was born in 1825 in St Marys, New South Wales. He was educated at St Mary’s Public School and went on to train as a teacher there. He was then sent to take temporary charge at the Macquarie Schoolhouse on 27 July 1880. Mr Beacroft was soon transferred to the recently opened Wilberforce Public School (Oct 1880), which saw the closure of the parochial school. He left education many years later, married and moved back to St Marys. He eventually went on to become the Mayor of St Marys. He died suddenly in 1901.